Code Compliance



Chief Building Official / Master Plans Examiner

Ensuring Your Concept Can Become Reality

When Caplea Studio Architects was formed, it was our vision to develop an Architectural / Construction Management Firm that could provide a multitude of services with the result of developing cost-efficient buildings. By understanding Building Codes and related Standards, it has always been our feeling that these are very important programming tools that provides us a jump-start to the design process. It allows our firm to understand the intricacies of code development at the beginning of the design process.

As a Chief Building Official and Master Plans Examiner certified in the State of Ohio since the 1980’s, we have worked for and with many local Municipalities dealing with their approval process on many design projects. Besides being involved with building code strategies on a daily basis, we are linked with many other building code officials that are part of an associated network to discuss code commentary. This knowledge of and living with the Code everyday provides us the opportunity to design projects that meet the intentions of the Building Codes and Standards without over-designing construction and adding costs to the project.

We stay current with the Ohio Building Code and Life Safety Codes (set of standards utilized for special construction types such as Health Care and other Special Hazard Occupancies). By being familiar with these standards, our project development “starts” with an approvable code plan around which the program requirements develop. At the culmination of our conceptual solution, we have already included the code strategy that will promote a cost-effective planning solution.

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