Feasibility Studies / Master Plans

Aligning dreams with reality

Caplea Studio Architects provide our clients with the total project services they require to integrate the almost endless possibilities of design with the real world of construction, budget and schedule.  We eliminate the necessity for our clients to work with a variety of firms, since our staff capabilities encompass the range of responsibilities from planning through construction. This enables Caplea Studio Architects to follow all phases of a project, in turn, saving clients time and money.

Since the inception of the firm, Caplea Studio Architects has done its best to provide realistic expectations to the projects we handle. Dreams and reality don’t always align, and we bring those together at the start of a project. Don’t be misled, though we love dreaming with our clients. We just make sure we also work in the realm of reality.

Three main factors dictate our every day service to our clients:

  1. We are responsible to provide our clients with the best and most economic service which meets with their approval.
  2. We have a responsibility to our clients in providing them with a sound, feasible, and approvable service. That is, it is our procedure to identify the requirements with which this service must comply, i.e., local and regional agency approvals.
  3. We operate with strict adherence to the professional code of ethics by which we are governed.

Come dream with us! We’ll make your dreams reality! Contact us today.