Malone Univ – Blossom Hall

Architect:  Caplea Studio Architects
Structural Engineer: Hammontree and Associates
Mechanical Engineer: Staley Mechanical
Electrical Engineer: Horn Engineering

This new 47,000 sf residential dorm at Malone was another project dictated by the continued growth of their on-campus student population. In an effort to “build to the budget”, this project was designed to accommodate twice the occupancy of this original Phase 1 Building. This truncated structure included a 3-story residential wing that provided for similar groupings of rooms to meet the original module established on past buildings, including provisions for accessible units. The central core of the building including the Lobby and other support functions that would service this existing residential wing, was included in the Phase 1 Project. This central service area included an elevator and a stair system that would support the proposed, similarly-sized residential structure that could be added to this plan for the next student-population surge.

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